Artistic Concrete Design - Artistic Concrete of Miami, Inc.

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By FAR, the worst customer service I've ever encountered. These people are not only unprofessional, but have no interest in acquiring your business whatsoever. I wouldn't recommend this company to an enemy.

I should have known when a supposed "business" answers their phone with a, "Hello?" greeting or introduction at all. Should have been a red flag right there. When I asked if they are, in fact, Artistic Concrete of Miami, he acknowledged. But here's the kicker: When I told him I was calling him to get a free estimate the way they advertise on their site, he says, "We're busy right now.", and proceeds to hang up on me.

Absolutely disgusting business practice. If it weren't so hilarious, I'd be furious.

305-224-2358 is the phone number, and they're located in Homestead. I only mention this so you have no doubt who NOT TO CALL.

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Bad cuestumer service

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